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"Give a man/woman or child a fish
or meat and feed them for a day.
Teach them how to fish or hunt and
feed them for a lifetime.
[And they'll never forget you]" -
 Frank Carbone Jr.




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* James Waugh's Gravesite
* Unc's 13 Pointer
 * The Gray Goose -- North Hudson, NY

* Nickie's Black Powder Buck and
2009 archery buck (new)
updated 11/9/09


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State Crack Down On Deer Poaching

NYS AG Press Conference
11/12/09 - Newburgh Town Hall


Frank Reggero's Letter to the NRA
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Characters on my homepage

homemade natural front birdhouse

Admiral Butterfly (red or yellow?)

American Toad
(in my backyard - haven't seen one since)
'Dad' - with the camo hat
a Jack of all trades and a 'Johnny Appleseed.'
became a coal miner at the age of 16 to
support his brothers, sisters, mother and father
who was injured in a mining accident and couldn't work

'Uncle Paul' - looking at the camera
a Hero, B-17 tailgunner in WWII
and dyed in the wool (woolrich clothing man) outdoorsman,
hunter, fisher, naturalist and conservationist

[more on Dad, Unc and others inside]

James Wahl's gravesite on the Stewart Buffer Lands
aka Stewart State Forest.

Backyard insects  

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